FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Question:What is Grism?

Answer: Grism is an open source, stock market observation tool. Some think it stands for Gtk Research Into the Stock Market or even Great Research of Investments and the Stock Market. However, most people think it's just a good name for a piece of software.

Question:I love/hate Grism. Who should I kiss/complain to?

Answer:nickrahn at users.sourceforge.net

Question:Where does Grism get the stock quotes?

Answer:Grism gets the stock quote date from Yahoo! Finance. It uses the yahoofinance.rb Ruby module which does all the dirty work of downloading the data.

Yahoo! Finance delays its quote data by around 20 minutes. But you can access quotes from almost every major world stock market as well as ETFs, mutual funds and indexes.

Question:What technologies is Grism built on?

Answer:Grism is built with 100% open source technology. It is written in Ruby and uses the GTK+ library for the GUI (ruby-gnome2). The charts are drawn with Cairo and rcairo.

Question:What platforms does Grism run on?

Answer:Grism runs on Linux/UNIX and Windows platforms. The installation document has details on getting it to run on your prefered platform.

Question:What is the history of Grism?

Answer:A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.... the YASW application was born. After YASW evolved through several releases, it was decided that a more scalable interface was required. Additionally, the charting functionality was being developed at the same time and the combination of these two new features gave birth to a new and improved application called Grism.