Grism Screenshots

Click on any of the images for a full sized view.

NOTE: These screenshots are of Grism v0.5.0. Some minor changes have been made since then, but the screenshots have not been updated.

Here's a view of a Watchlist, showing the standard price view.

Here's the same Watchlist, showing the ratio view. You can toggle between the price view and the ratio view by clicking on the eyeglasses (price view) and the magnifying glass (ratio view).

Here's the fantasy Portfolio.

Here's the 3 month price chart for Apple (AAPL).

Click on export button in the top right corner of the window to save the chart to a PNG image. Et voila! The same chart, exported to a PNG image.

Here's the 10 year price chart for Sun Microsystems (SUNW).

And the same chart, exported to a PNG image.

Finally, here's a full desktop shot of Grism in action.